Month: February 2014

Brian Henry Workshop – March 22nd – Sudbury

Creative writing teacher and editor Brian Henry is returning to Sudbury this spring to give a workshop on How to Make Your Stories Dramatic. Hosted by the Sudbury Writers’s Guild the workshop promises to be a popular one.

From Brian’s website – The Quick Brown Fox

This workshop is geared to both beginners and more experienced writers. We’ll look at the most important part of all stories whether fictional or true: the fully dramatized scene. You’ll learn some of the most successful tricks of the trade to make sure that you’ll never write a lifeless scene again.

We’ll look at both dialogue and action scenes. You’ll learn how to write great dialogue and how to mix it with your narrative so that the interaction between your characters comes alive. But the most difficult scenes of all are climactic action scenes; such as love scenes, chase scenes and fight scenes. Primarily using fight scenes as our examples, you’ll learn how to ramp up the tension you need for one of these high-octane performances.

For more details and to register, please visit the workshop page at Brian’s site – How to Make Your Writing Dramatic workshop, Sat, March 22, in Sudbury

Fee: $38.94 + 13% hst = $44 paid in advance.
or $42.48 + 13% hst = $48 if you wait to pay at the door.

Sudbury Writers’ Guild members get a $4 discount if they register in advance. Fee in advance for Guild members is $40.

Chuck Wendig Workshop – May 10th – Toronto

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig - 1st book in the Miriam Black series.

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig – 1st book in the Miriam Black series.

The Toronto chapter of the Romance Writer’s of America is hosting an all day writing workshop with writer Chuck Wendig on Saturday May 10th in Toronto. – Click here for details –

Chuck who’s not normally associated with romance writing is a prolific and often foul-mouthed writer who gives great writing advice. His blog Terrible Minds gives you a good taste of what he’s about.

He’s written everything from gritty urban fantasies, futuristic Corn Punk tales, to YA novels about dino apocalypses. I’ve read Chuck’s Miriam Black series – Blackbirds, Mockingbird, and Cormorant and love his style. Chuck has also published some great writing advice books are likea two-by-four between the eyes (in a good way). Titles like “250 Things You Should Know About Writing”, “500 Ways to be a Better Writer” and “500 Ways to Tell a Better Story”. His advice will stick with you and I often find his blunt advice exactly what I need to hear to get my but in gear and stop whining about my writing.

Personally, I’ll be trying to move heaven and earth to attend this workshop. If nothing else, I’ll get to meet some other great writers and listen to Chuck swear all day.