Cathy Mulroy

I have always been a storyteller. Storytelling runs in the family. Writing made me nervous because I’m dyslexic. Put me in front of an audience, I am at my best. When I was a child, I like oratorical speaking. Win trophies in grade 3 and grade 4.

I became a member of the Sudbury Writers Guild in 2017/18, so I would keep writing and was hoping to meet other writers.

I’m a member of Sudbury Toastmasters club, and Sudbury’s Advanced Toastmasters Club.

I participate in the Screenwriter’s branch of the Sudbury Writers Guild. At the moment I am working on a monologue and enjoying it tremendously. This is a new niche that brings my skills as a speaker and storyteller together.

I was a member of the Memoir Writing group at Park Side. Meeting every Tuesday gave me dead lines to accomplished writing something every week. Illness took its tole on me, in and out of hospitals for years.

When I recovered, I finished writing my memoir and had it self published, At Telwel in 2019. “My view from the Blackened Rocks”

I dabble in poetry and fictional stories.

My favourite writing space; is my women-cave office in my home.

During the pandemic, I am learning that YouTube is my friend. I love to learn.

I am working on being a mentor at Sudbury Toastmasters. I love to share what I know and hope that I’m an inspiration to new speakers.