Janice Leuschen

Janice Leuschen

Janice Leuschen as been a member of the Sudbury Writers’ Guild since 1996. 

She holds an honours degree in English with a specialization in rhetoric from Laurentian University, Sudbury. (2002)  

Janice was twice asked by her professors to submit her essay for consideration in the English Department’s annual essay contest.

In 2003, she placed second in the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition from a pool of 1,100 entries from 48 countries.  At the time, she was the only non-American to place in this writing competition.  Janice wrote a humour column in a local monthly publication for three years.

Janice has won several short story contests and continues to write short fiction.  She has taken, and continues to take, workshops and seminars with fiction writers to improve her craft.  She attended the Humber School for Writers in 2000. 

She is currently working on an historical novel set in Waterloo County, Ontario.

Janice works as a freelance writer and copywriter for the mining and mining supply sector, helping them market their products.  She also writes articles for mining magazines. 

Janice has been a member of Professional Writer’s Association of Canada (PWAC) for 11 years.