Mat Del Papa

Green Eyes Through Capreol - By Mat Del Papa

Green Eyes Through Capreol – By Mat Del Papa

Matthew Del Papa lives in Capreol. He is a graduate of Laurentian University. A lifelong bibliophile, he has amassed a collection of 3,000+ science fiction and fantasy novels (not counting e-books).

His writing focuses mainly on science fiction, fantasy, and light mystery novels, but dabbles with various shorter pieces, including genre stories and humorous non-fiction. He has been published in several small magazines and newspapers (such as Highgrader, Sulphur, Commuter Lit, The Valley Meteor, The Capreol Press, Capreol OnLine, and The Capreol Express). His non-fiction piece, ‘The Capreol High Ghost,’ was featured in Dundurn Press’ anthology Spooky Sudbury (edited by Mark Leslie and Jenny Jelen).

Matthew has written, co-written, and edited several self-published books. These include:

  • The Legend of Capreol Red: Stories From a Railroad Town
  • Nursing Doubts: The Miss Hattie Mysteries
  • Green Eyes Through Capreol: More Stories From a Railroad Town
  • Creepy Capreol: Chilling Tales From a Railroad Town
  • Nightmare at the North Pole (co-written with Lisa Coleman-Brown)
  • Creepy Capreol, Jr: Frightening Fiction For—and From—Young Minds
  • Captivating Capreol: Thoughts From a Railroad Town
  • Capreol At Bat: The Fastball Years 
  • Zombie Digest (illustrated by Bonnie Ouellet-Mathieu).

For a sample of Mat’s previously published work – click here


  1. Sheila Borton says:

    I would love to get my hands on this book and the other three books you wrote.I use to live in Capreol back in 1984.I swore I seen stuff there when I was young,but hard to prove to people what I saw.I seen actual ghosts coming from the bushes and with red eyes.At first I thought I was seeing things.Until the ghosts came in to the town of Capreol.Roaming our streets.I ran like hell.Because I was so scared that I seen actual ghosts walking about.When I was young I heard all kinds of stories about Capreol.And when I was young I use to find it hard to sleep at night because I use to hear strange noises.I use to live right next to the bush near the old cemetery.Back then.Now that I see that you wrote about Capreol.I am beginning to think these stories are actual true.Can you get back to me so I can share my stories with you.Plus I also have some stories to share about my First Nation on the creepy stories that went on here back in 1801 with our fist nations people and the the creatures that roam our community at night and our bushes.I would be so happy to hear from you soon…Sheila Borton

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