Tom Leduc

Tom Leduc

Tom Leduc

Thomas Leduc lives and works in Sudbury. He has been writing poetry for several years and is currently the Poet Laureate of Greater City of Sudbury. His poetry and short stories often reflect the opposing influences of nature and industry on the people of a northern city and their struggle to keep these influences in balance.

Tom had his first short story published in his school year book many years ago. In 2012, he won a poetry contest put on by the Vale Living with Lakes Centre with his poem “My Northern Lake”. It was published in the Our Lakes Shall Set Us Free anthology and hangs on the Magritte Atwood fire place in the Living with Lakes Centre in Sudbury. His poem “The Rumor” was published in Sulphur, issue 3, Laurentian University’s Literary Journal; and his poem “Consumerism” was published in the on-line magazine Terra North fall issue 2011.

Recently Tom’s short story “Yin And Yang” was accepted in CommuterLit Selections Vol. 2 print anthology, “Arrivals and Departures”

Currently Tom is working on a collection of short stories and getting his first book of poetry published.

To read some of Tom’s poetry please click here

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