Writing Challenge – March 2015

A week or so ago there was a news story about a tunnel that was found in a wooded area near Toronto’s York University. The half-finished tunnel looked “professional” and much speculation about who dug the tunnel and for what purpose.

CBC News – Mystery tunnel found near Pan Am Games venue http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/mystery-tunnel-found-near-pan-am-games-venue-1.2968367

After the police held a media conference presenting the public with images of the tunnel and some of the equipment found near the tunnel. They asked anyone with knowledge about the tunnel / bunker to come forward.

A Toronto mystery deepens: Was it a tunnel or a bunker? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/a-toronto-mystery-deepens-was-it-a-tunnel-or-a-bunker-1.2969751

A few days later two young men in there 20s ‘fessed up claiming to have been building the tunnel / bunker as the ultimate “mancave”. The conclusion almost seemed anticlimactic and perfectly Canadian as no charges were laid and the men politely declined to explain their motive for building it, simply citing they built it for “personal reasons”.

This is where you come in as a writer.

I want to challenge my fellow guild members (and people that may be reading this entry) to write their own version of events surrounding the tunnel. Maybe you have a different interpretation of what the tunnel was being built for. Maybe you can envision how the police interview went down about it, with the young men, or perhaps it wasn’t young men at all that dug it. Let your imagination run wild.

Write a short story of 1500 words or less about the “Toronto Tunnel”. It can be any style. Heck, I would even love to see some of our poets give us their take on it.  You can share it online at your own website/blog/Facebook page and link to it here in the comments. Or bring it with you to our next meeting and share it out loud with group.

Good luck and may the writing be with you.

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