Dave Wickenden

Author Dave Wickenden's headshot

Dave Wickenden has spent time in the Canadian Armed Forces before the Fire Service, so is as comfortable with a rocket launcher as a fire hose. He has brought six people back from the dead using CPR and a defibrillator and has help rescue people in crisis. He has learned to lead men and women in extreme environments. He loves to cook, read and draw. Dave ran his own home based custom art business creating highly detailed wood and paper burnings called pyrography. One of his pictures of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien graces the walls of Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

After 31 years, Dave Wickenden traded business plans and council reports as Deputy Fire Chief for creative writing. He wrote and edited the Fire Department’s “In the Line of Fire” newsletter earlier in his career and has enjoyed writing and reading since a young teen.

Dave is a father of three fantastic boys; Adam 31, Daniel 18, and Ian 16. Both he and his wife Gina live in the arenas as the two younger boys are very active in minor hockey and lacrosse. The entire family is very involved with fishing and spends many summer hours on the water searching for the big one.

He has been a member of the Sudbury Writer’s Guild since 2014 and the Canadian Union of Writers, the International Thriller Association and the International Screenwriter Association. His novels include IN DEFENSE OF INNOCENCE 2018, HOMEGROWN 2018, DEADLY HARVEST 2019, MAD DOG 2020 and FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE 2020.