Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove
Author: Kenn Pitawanakwat
Publish: May 7, 2019
Publisher: Atthis Arts, LLC
Pages: 296

Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove is an eclectic collection of short stories and flash fiction.

Whether there’s an incident at the front desk, something not quite right with the room, a bear stopping in for a beer, or a resolute robot revolt, lives change by the minute within the grounds, rooms, and corridors of the legendary Hotel Stormcove. Lovers meet, witches gather, friends connect, and those in need always find shelter.

See you at the reception desk?

Stories by:

Marriah Allen Pina, Joshua Amodeo, Maria E. Andreu, Robert Bagnall, J.S. Bailey, Stewart C Baker, Bo Balder, Margery Bayne, E.D.E. Bell, Karen Black, Lazolia Buzuzi, Chelsea Cambeis, Kella Campbell, Mike Casto, Michael W. Cho, Robert Dawson, Jakob Drud, Rita Beth Ebert, Demi Elder, Jasre' Ellis, C. Flynt, Mark Frost, Catrine Kyster Giery, Karen Giery, Joy Givens, Ryanne Glenn, Christine Hanolsy, Andrew K Hoe, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Kai Hudson, Laura Johnson, Tom Jolly, B.C. Kalis, Janna Layton, Rachel Leidenfrost, Chloe Lerit, T.J. Lockwood, M. Lopes da Silva, Indira Ronae Lorick, John Lowell, Marsalis, Ellen Meny, Drew Michaels, Tamzin Mitchell, Mike Morgan, George Nikolopoulos, Michael Noble, F E Norley, Ruth Olson, Robert Perez, Kenn Pitawanakwat, Irene Puntí, L.S. Reinholt & Minerva Cerridwen, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Holly Schofield, Elizabeth Shaffer, Preeti C. Sharma, Jannae' Sifontes, and Dawn Vogel

Author Details:

Kenn Pitawanakwat is a reserved storyteller.

Kenn published his first poem at fifteen entitled “Oh Great Spirit.” The thoughts express the innate desire of journey and escape from the present and back to the author's history, culture, and community. Kenn tells the story of praying for a pen with an exact and textured grip and telling his grandparents to buy it for him on their long journey from the white-washed log cabin reserve farm to some far-off exotic city Kenn could only imagine – Sudbury. Kenn had been inspired by his grandparents’ stories of old and oratorical skills, and uncle who had a book or two on Judo.
Many visitors would visit the old farm, the last one to reach by horse and sleigh or wagon to politely ask his grandpa to decipher foreign letters (English) into Odawa or the Nishinaabe language. It was here that Kenn absorbed the banter of millennia old language and thought and shaped his desire to scribe. O Great Spirit survives today thanks to one teacher – and the creator of the worlds, who got him published. Kenn is the first and only one from his family to finish high school where he discovered talent for art, and an Honours Baccalaureate where writing came naturally, and a Master’s in Individualized Studies where again the encouragement to write and publish gained momentum.

Kenn resides in two worlds. One in Greater Sudbury and the other on the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve on Manitoulin Island. Kenn remembers trying to find pen pals as a child. Little did one know it was a deep innate desire to write and express friendship. Eager to work with and associate with other writers Kenn chose the Sudbury Writers' Guild, as it was close to home and the entry fee was cheap. The pandemic cut the momentum soon after Kenn’s arrival. Now that the pandemic is seemingly on retreat, Kenn looks forward to breathing the same air as respected story tellers from the Sudbury Writers' Guild. Listening to great stories from experienced authors is the fruit that keeps Kenn intrigued.

My goal is to write a best-seller. Fiction, novel, etcetera. Like my sporadic attendance at group events, Kenn’s writing reflects the pattern. Here, there, not here, and back and start over, then go for a nap describes Kenn’s approach to writing. The best time for writing is from approximately three (3:00) AM.