Author: Scott Overton
Publish: June 21, 2021
Publisher: No Walls Publishing
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 434
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The glowing structure at the bottom of a lonely northern lake is clearly not of this Earth, but scuba diver Michael Hart can’t stay away. It could be a scientific treasure like no other. Or it could be a trap. But his day-to-day routine as a university professor has become a disappointment, and his shocking discovery is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be someone special. The alien artifact is ancient but not abandoned, and what it offers will change him forever, leaving him with astonishing abilities and a destiny he would never have imagined. Except it might be a destiny he no longer controls. He might not even be human anymore. Ocean researcher Sakiko Matthews is desperate to find a cure for Earth’s dying seas, willing to put her career on the line to learn the answers she needs. In Michael Hart she finds a mysterious ally who could be the key to her success, but the price of his partnership will be terribly high. The path they choose will affect the very future of the human race. The actions Michael takes will make him a hero, or the greatest traitor the world has ever known. Because he is no longer alone, not even in his own body. There is another. Naïda.

Author Details:

With a long career as a radio morning show host, Scott’s first novel, the mystery/thriller Dead Air is set in the radio world (and was shortlisted for a Northern Lit Award in Ontario, Canada). But since then, all his writing has taken the reader to even stranger places, including the human bloodstream in his SF novel debut The Primus Labyrinth, a science fiction thriller that reviewers compare to Michael Crichton and Dan Brown. His novel Naïda chronicles a reluctant hero with an alien being living inside him. And his most recent novel The Dispossession of Dylan Knox describes the trials of three people thrown out of their own time and sharing a single body. Scott strongly believes that science fiction should involve compelling themes and important issues, along with memorable characters.

His short fiction has been published in magazines such as On Spec, AEscifi, Neo-opsis, Penumbra and anthologies including Future Visions 3, Casserole Diplomacy: The On Spec 25th Anniversary Anthology, Canadian Tales of the Fantastic, In Poe’s Shadow, and Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound.

More SF novels are on the way. In the meantime, Scott’s distractions from writing include scuba diving, music, and collector cars. He lives with his wife on a private island in Northern Ontario.