Sudbury Ink: A Sudbury Writers’ Guild Anthology
Author: Sudbury Writers' Guild
Publish: October 1, 2016
Publisher: Sudbury Writers' Guild
Format: Paperback
Pages: 173

An anthology of Sudbury Writers' Guild members that contains poems, essays, and short stories.

  • Introduction by Mark Leslie
  • Frozen by Andy W. Taylor
  • In Search of My Father's History - Liisa Kovala
  • Mountain Seasons: Four Poems by Emily De Angelis
  • Courting Lady Luck by Margo Little
  • Daisy Chained by Vera Constantineau
  • An Interruption at the Door by Lisa Coleman-Brown
  • Dead Fish by Thomas Leduc
  • Thalia by Betty Guenette
  • Auto Consequence (A Haibn) by Irene Golas
  • The Space Bug! by Matthew Del Papa
  • Cicadas by Melanie Marttila
  • Snatched Away by Laura Foreshew
  • The Dog Party by Thomas L. Leduc
  • Winter's Breath by Liisa Kovala
  • Vincenzino by Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli
  • Invisible by Vera Constantineau
  • Five Haiku Poems by Irene Golas
  • "Forever More," Rasped the Rave by John Rice
  • Endangered by Margo Little
  • Mother's Day by Andy W. Taylor
  • The Grease Monkey's Apprentice by Irene Golas
  • The Lot Lizard by Betty Guenette
  • Slag Flower by Thomas Leduc
  • Tell the Story by Laura Foreshew
  • Incident in a Small Town by Clay Campbell
  • Molly Finder by Melanie Marttila
  • For Jane it was Strange by Lisa Coleman-Brown
  • Wondering What the Lions Ate by Matthew Del Papa
  • Mother Pride by Margo Little
  • Where Time Stands Still by Liisa Kovala
  • Catching the Train by Renny deGroot
  • Orphans of the Storm by Scott Overton

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Author Details:

The Sudbury Writers' Guild is a group of authors based in North Eastern Ontario at all stages of their career. The Sudbury Writers' Guild was founded in 1992 and continues to be a vital part of Sudbury and Northern Ontario's literary landscape 30 years later.

To date the Guild and its members have published two chapbooks - Sudbury Ink (2016) featuring collected short stories, essays, and poems by its members, and Painted Voices (2021), a collection of essays, stories and poems related to the St. Joseph Hospital and the mural that was painted on the building in 2019.