Call For Submission

Photo Credit: Tom Leduc

Sudbury Writers’ Guild Hospital Mural Project

The Sudbury Writers’ Guild would like you to write about your memories of the old General Hospital and if possible, relate them to the new mural. People who are residents of Sudbury now—or those who have lived here in the past—are welcome to submit their work for consideration of publication.

In existence from 1950-2010, the General Hospital of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was recently transformed by a mural designed and painted by Risk, a well-known American muralist. What was once an abandoned hospital building is now Canada’s largest mural. Buildings play important roles in cities. Here in Sudbury, Science North, the Super Stack, and the Big Nickel are all landmarks. The General is also a landmark. With its new mural, the old hospital is now a visual metaphor for how communities change and evolve over time.

The Writers’ Guild is interested in hearing about how you view the new mural, and how you might think about the building as a reflection of our changing community. What does the old hospital building and its new mural say about us as a city? Are we, like this building, in a slow state of change? What do the colours mean or represent? Do they speak to our diversity? What do the butterflies mean to you? The empty paint cans, the lids, the painted tiers? Were you changed by an experience you had at the hospital? Maybe you worked there for many years, or maybe something happened there that changed your life, or the life of someone you love. Maybe you drive or walk past this building every day. If so, what has the old General Hospital building said to you over the years? What does it say now?

Submission deadline: June 30, 2020 Extended to July 31, 2020

~All work should be typed, with poems single spaced on a page, and with prose work double spaced.

~ Using the building itself as a prompt for writing, the Guild is calling on writers to submit poetry (up to 3 poems), or prose entries (either fiction or non-fiction) up to 2,000 words in length. Writing can be in any language and from any age group.

~Please submit a cover letter with your name, the title(s) of your creative pieces, and contact information—including phone number and (email) address. Please do not put your name on the work itself, so that the judging can be fair.

~Please submit your work via our form below or email your entry to

For additional information about the project, please email Bernie Hughes at

Good luck and keep writing

Thank you to the City of Greater Sudbury for their support on this project.