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March Writing Prompt

I had prepared some writing prompts for last month’s meeting, but we were having such a good group discussion, we never got around to using them. Instead of letting them go to waste, I thought I would share them here for people to use.

They are one line prompts that people can use to work from. Include them verbatim, modify them as you will (change the he/she, make it first person or 3rd person), or use them as a jumping off point.

You can pick one that resonates with you or use a random number generator to pick one. (Here’s one –

1 The map was old and brittle looking.
2 He was miles away before anyone noticed him missing.
3 The locked had been pried open.
4 I was afraid this might happen.
5 It was a terrible decision & I’ve had a few.
6 She couldn’t believe it but it was all gone.
7 They arrived at dawn.
8 It smelled faintly of old books and lavender.
9 They should have never bet against me.
10 If only someone had warned me before I took this job.
11 There was only room for one more.
12 The fire was growing out of control.
13 It was more money than he/she had ever seen.
14 He/she would never admit it but they were hopelessly lost.
15 All the warning lights and alarms came on at once.
16 “Is that seat taken?”
17 It was a long way down.
18 If she ever found out who did this, she was going to make them pay.
19 The graveyard was the last place she expected to spend her birthday.

Aim for writing 500 words and see where it takes you. Maybe it will inspire something longer. You can bring it to next meeting to share, or post it here in the comments if you want to share.

Good luck!