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Hello writer friends,

Welcome back to another year with the Sudbury Writers’ Guild. I trust you all had a gorgeous summer and accomplished pages of writing. If not, don’t fret we have lots going on this year.

To prospective members you are welcome to check out up to two of our general meetings before deciding to join as paying member. You can also check out our website and friend up on Face Book.
Returning members and those of you who are ready to join the fun, please come prepare to pay the $30 membership fee at our September meeting. In addition to cash and cheques our Treasure will be able to accept e-transfers this year, email address tba.

September 26th is our first meeting, College Boreal in Room M3360 on the 3rd Floor. Doors will be open at 6pm and start the meeting is at 6:30 pm. Look for the Guild Sign.

We’ll be discussing what we did on our summer vacations, and what this year’s meeting will in tale. We will also be announcing this year’s featured book for our book club, putting together the Inner Circle and so much more, I am sure.

October is a big month, we a workshop with Brian Henry on, Sunday, Oct 2oth at College Boreal, room TBA, Sudbury: How to Write Great Dialogue. For your members, the fee is $44 in advance or $53 at the door. See Brian’s website to pay in advance.

Mat Del Papa is organizing some reading with the Terror Train in Capreol again this year and will let everyone know dates as soon as he can.

Also our meeting in October will be held on the 24th so not to collide with Halloween. We will also have a featured guest at the is meeting Laura-Leigh Gillard she will speaking on colour theory. How colour theory can be used to create mood and foreshadowing in a story. Check her out on FB she has done some great unique projects.

November kicks off with Wordstock, Sudbury’s very own library festival. See the link and get their newsletter. http://www.wordstocksudbury.ca/ It is my hope that the Guild will again this year be involved with volunteers. I would also like to have a table to sell books so if you are interested in helping with this please let me know.

November is also NANOWRIMO https://nanowrimo.org/ Andy Taylor will be our Guild representative for this year and will be hosting write IN’s and more. The Municipal Liaisons (MLs) for NaNoWriMo this year are Julia and Aura. You can visit the local Sudbury NaNoWriMo page on FB here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/176303015784266/

Our regular meeting is on November 28th and again we will be featuring a special guest Mark Leslie http://markleslie.ca/ Mark will be presenting how to write horror or true ghost stories. I imagine this will be valuable to any suspense driven scene regardless of genre.

We have so much more coming up in the new year. I can’t wait get started and see you all again.

Tom Leduc
President Sudbury Writers’ Guild

Tom Leduc

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Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Andy has called Sudbury home since 2006. has been a reader and writer of speculative fiction from an early age thanks in no small part to his mother's frequent trips to the library. He is a member of the Sudbury Writers' Guild, a graduate of the Viable Paradise workshop, and a member of the CODEX writer's forum. You can find him on Twitter @SooGuy68 where he often talks about writing and his love for all things time travel.

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