News: Update on Hospital Mural Writing Project

The Sudbury Writers’ Guild would like to thank all those who submitted to our Hospital Mural Writing Project. The Guild  received a variety of prose and poetry texts from writers in the community. All submissions were reviewed by a blind panel and the results should be emailed to you in the coming days. From the chosen pieces the Sudbury Writers Guild will be producing a chapbook titled,  Painted Voices, in the coming months.

We sincerely thank all of you for your submissions and we encourage you to continue your interest and dedication to writing. Writing is one of the great achievements of our society and is a skill and activity that every person can develop and enjoy. We encourage you in the continuation of your writing career. 

Best Regards,

Tom Leduc, President, Sudbury Writers Guild

Bernie Hughes, Sudbury Writers Guild, Project Coordinator

With special thanks to Panoramic Properties and city of Greater Sudbury for their support.

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About Tom Leduc

Thomas Leduc was Poet Laureate of Sudbury, Ontario, 2014-16 and he’s currently the President of the Sudbury Writers’ Guild. His poems and short stories cover an array of subject matter and genres. His work has been published in various magazines and anthologies. Recently Tom published his first book Slagflower Poems Unearthed From A Mining Town, with Latitude 46. Tom wrote this book as a thank you to the mining industry and to the city he loves. He wanted to give the world a glimpse into the life of a mining town, who the people are and how their hard work has built the world we live in today. If you wish to know more about Tom, you can visit his webpage at Slagflower can be purchased from Latitude 46 Publishing.

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